A Link Back – Are you donating to Africa the Right Way?


There are millions of people who donate all around the world. But, are they doing it correctly? Donating to those that are in need not only benefits the people you are helping, it can also be really rewarding for you.

Some people would say that donations don’t help people who need aid the most, which is not true. Donating is a commitment. If you really want help, you’ll have to engage to a charity and make a follow-up work of where you make sure that the money you are giving is actually going to the place it should go.

However, some people look at charity as a way of redemption or in a pity way. There’s always been a misconception about the donations that are destined to Africa. Here are some tips to make you think whether you are donating to Africa the right way.:

Africa is a very rich continent

When it comes to nature and human resources, there are 53 countries in Africa where your money is very valuable and could make a huge difference in someone’s life. Don’t ever donate out of pity or feel guilty. That is not the right way. Make sure that if you are donating you do it because you genuinely want to help others.

Before you donate, do your research. Investigate and ask where that money will go. Don’t trust the charity before a previous knowledge of the agency.

Don’t donate in order to make yourself feel good

Monitor the results. Good charities agencies have the opportunity to monitor the money that you gave and tell you where it headed to.  As said before, Africa is a very beautiful location, and it could be the best place to visit. You can get the opportunity to meet new people who believe in the same causes that inspire you. Consider visiting first, to have a pretty clear idea of where your money is going.

Africa is not all about poverty

Africans are full of life and joy, and they are very blessed in terms of skin color, natural endowments, animals and nature.

Some people say that one of the reasons why they don’t donate is because they think that the amount of money is too little and it won’t help. That’s a mistake.  Small donations can make a huge difference.

Target a charity on a specific area you would like to help

Like health, new technologies, empowerment, education, infrastructure, rape centers, climate change, water, agriculture, etc.

Finally, motivate friends and family. The more people you can get to donate, the better. You have to know that you have an influence in the world, make it a good one. If your friends and family know about your charity they would feel more motivated to donate and help people in need.