3 Fundraising Events to Host at Work


Helping the ones in need is an obligation for us. And the fact that we want to give a little help proves that we can change our society with our actions. Fundraising is a great initiative to promote these spirits of solidarity. And the best part is that you can actually do it in your work.

If you are planning to make a good action for charity and organize an event for your office but you don’t quite know what to do. I suggest that you keep reading these creative ways to fundraise money for charity.

Organize a Raffle


Now a Raffle is one of the most common fundraising methods. That is of course because it works great if you offer a great prize. Some of the good prizes that you can offer have to be captivating such as a brand new TV or a new interesting kitchen gadget.

If you have the contact and you are able to make a “travel raffle” you will gain a lot of attention. You can pretty much pay the entire trip easily with a raffle. The objective is to take actions to the charity that you are helping. This would raise attention and bring possible participants to the raffle.

Since the raffle is one of the most successful ways to fundraise. I also suggest making good accommodations for the winners of such, as well as throwing away party for the winners and such, since that could draw enough attention to a next raffle in the future.

Planning a Tournament


A Tournament is also a great idea for fundraising money. To do this, just think about a sport or an activity that you think could draw the most attention possible. After that you can easily start making the arrangements for the tournament itself.

I recommend thinking about sports that could be cheaper. For instance, if you are making a Golf tournament, have in mind the price of renting a golf field. This is the same with other sports, you can think about other alternatives such as a video game tournament or a chess tournament. The possibilities are endless.

A Marathon


Organizing a five miles walk or running just to raise conscience of a certain subject is also a great idea for fundraising. It is easy to organize and it can draw the contributions that you need for your cause. This is one of the best alternatives if you want to make a quick event that doesn’t involve a lot of planning.

With these three ideas on how to make a good fundraising event, you can now start making a good change in our society and give the proper help to the ones that need the most.