Project North East, ZebraHosts and Domaincheck have joined forces to offer a special service to UK charities, nonprofit making oganisations, Schools, Colleges and Universities.

We are not supported by any Government Agency, this project is solely funded by Project North East, ZebraHosts and Domaincheck. Project North East is nonprofit organisation, ZebraHosts and Domaincheck are private owned companies.

Project North East have donated the servers and ZebraHosts are donating the bandwidth and Domaincheck technical time for the installation of the web servers, DNS management, Server management, email accounts to help worthy causes.

ZebraHosts is one of the leading companies to offer co-location/data centre facilities to companies and organisation’s locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

A co-location/data centre is a dedicated facility which offers customers a secure place to physically house their server hardware and equipment rather than basing it on their own premises where the potential for fire, theft or vandalism is much greater.

Customers’ servers are usually Web servers, but may also be private data servers linked via the Internet.

The ZebraHosts site is well appointed to house up to 2,500 servers with Internet access. We supply the highest standards of clean electricity, air conditioning, connectivity to the Internet, and fire safety and back up power facilities – in short, everything to ensure the high server availability which is vital for all Web-based businesses.