Charity Dedicated Server Solution

We supply a whole dedicated server which has been donated by a person or a company. The
Charity dedicated server comes with 5Gb of bandwidth per month and Content Management
Solution to run your web site. The server can run serveral web sites, but the more bandwidth
you use, the more the price will go up.

• Free Dedicated Server
• 30 GB harddrive
• 256 MB RAM
• 1 network connection
• Network connectivity 100MB
• Network connection by dedicated switch ports
• 5 GB Bandwidth per month
Bandwidth is monitored on a monthly basis. If your usage should exceed your
commitment in any given month you will be invoiced for the excess bandwidth at the
rate of £20 per GB per month.
• Services Included RedHat Linux 7.2 Preinstalled
• Control Panel to manage the DNS, Sub-domains, Domains aliasing, Email (POP3; IMAP)
with forwarding, alias, responder and much, much more.
• Service Level Agreement
• 12 month contract
• Content Management Solution to manage your web site, take look at one of Charities
using the solution