Email Accounts

We offer 30% Charity Discount of our standard prices.
Email Forwarding Charity Price £24.50
5 email forwarding addresses Standard price £35
What is email forwarding?
Similar to traditional postal forwarding, email forwarding allows you to use you domain name as your
email address. It works by forwarding any emails sent to your ‘new’ email address, on to your existing
email address.

REE Webmail for all POP3 Mailboxes
It provides basic e-mail functionality through a simple Web interface, allowing users to read mail easily
from anywhere in the world without having to reconfigure a browser or mail client software. It also allows
sending and opening attachments easily from your desktop.

POP3 Account Charity Price £21
2.5MB mailbox Standard price £30

What is a POP3 account?
You can send and receive email anywhere from any PC, Mac or other device with an Internet connection.
If you change service providers, your email address stays the same, keeping you in contact with
your friends, family and associates. Use your domain names for sending and receiving emails via our
mail server.

POP3 Account Charity Price £33.60
2.5MB mailbox with Anti Virus Standard price £48
Same as above but with Anti Virus solution. The F-Prot Antivirus E-mail Service combines the comprehensive
virus detection of F-Prot Anti Virus with the specialized e-mail security scanner Safety-Net to
provide maximum protection against viruses, trojans and unknown threats. F-Prot Antivirus recognizes
almost 65,000 different viruses and trojans, as well as providing a powerful neural network and set of
heuristics for detecting new threats. Many of the known viruses can be automatically disinfected, allowing
the rest of the message to safely arrive at its destination.

POP3 Account Charity Price £70
10MB mailbox Standard price £100
POP3 Account Charity Price £161
Catchall POP3 account 100MB Standard price £230
This idea is for larger charities who want to run their own email via central mail server or MDEMON.
Limited to 100MB, the 100MB is for storing the email before you download it to your computer. You
don’t use the 100MB when sending, only when receiving.
All prices are plus VAT and for 12 months