Free Web Design and Free Web Hosting

We are offering UK Charities and Non-Profit-Making Organisations, Schools, Colleges and Universities
free web hosting and web design, by our Web Site Building Tool. No software needed, all you need is a
domain name.

The essence of a content managed site is that it can easily be updated at any time by someone without
any web-related skills. In other words, keeping the site relevant, useful and high up the search engine
results is a simple secretarial task.

Content management systems range from the very simple – perhaps allowing just the editing of text
– to those like Web Site Builder which give the user much greater power.
Web Site Builder users have complete control over site layout as well as content – site structure is
controlled from the site map and the navigation menu, builds automatically as pages or sections are

You can also choose from a range of alternative page layouts, adding images using a simple click and
upload dialogue.

But a unique feature of of a Web Site Builder is that you can also add complex funtionality like FAQ
systems, Product Catalogues, Shopping Carts and other user-feedback methods – again using a simple
click and select interface which requires no web-related skills either to understand or to implement.
Web Site Builder is free, plus the free web hosting, we offer you with:

• Easy online editing of website features, structure and content.
• 32 Professional Web Site Designs each with up to 8 colour varients.
• Content Management System
• Image library
• News Pages Manager
• Links Manager Page
• Picture Gallery Manager
• Contact List Manager
• Document Library Manager
• Contact Us Page
• Search Engine for your web site
• 50 Web Pages
• Listing on the web site, click to view

If you wish to try the Web Site Builder Solution before registering and have 14 Day FREE trail >

Extra Modules
Extra modules can be add; ecommerce shop cart, email newsletter manager, FAQ system manager,
Document Library Manager and Project Manager which can be added at a later date for a small fee.