3 Web Fundraising Events Ideas to Host Right Now


Now there are many ways to do a fundraising event for charity. But some of us are looking for alternatives that can work online. Such as web fundraising events that can support our favorite organization and can also be useful for our community.

If you are thinking about making a charity event but you don’t really know what to do, you can read about these multiple options to organize a fundraising event that can be helpful.

An Online Petition


One of the objectives of each charity is to raise awareness about their cause and their objectives. This can be crucial for them and can count as an important factor in their organizations. That’s why raising awareness with an online petition can be a great help to them.

You can also do more thing to help. You can also talk and discuss these charities and their objectives and by doing that you are raising awareness of their situation and objectives. This can draw potential supporters and with that donations too, making it a great alternative for a fundraising event.

A Jail And Bail


So let’s get a little bit creative and drastic. Now, this might sound a little weird but you can go to jail just as a way to give attention to your cause or the charity organization that you are helping. Now like I said before, being arrested without doing any crime can sound weird but it can raise a lot of awareness to your cause.

Just by putting yourself a false charge that relates to the organization that you are helping. Just to give you an example, let’s say that you are helping a charity that promotes cleaning oceans. You can be arrested for “being a plastic bag in the ocean” this, of course, is just an example of what you can do with this fundraising event.

Organize A Bake Sale Online


Now a bake sale is a traditional way to promote awareness of a charity by just selling pies and cakes. But, have you thought about making these sales online? Don’t worry, the pies and cakes are still real. But the whole process is now online, making it far more easy for customers to buy your cakes and help the charity of your choosing.

These alternatives of fundraising events show that you can help whoever you want and whatever charity you choose if you really want to do so. And with the internet being a great way to promote your message, you can help the ones in need with these methods.


3 Fundraising Events to Host at Work


Helping the ones in need is an obligation for us. And the fact that we want to give a little help proves that we can change our society with our actions. Fundraising is a great initiative to promote these spirits of solidarity. And the best part is that you can actually do it in your work.

If you are planning to make a good action for charity and organize an event for your office but you don’t quite know what to do. I suggest that you keep reading these creative ways to fundraise money for charity.

Organize a Raffle


Now a Raffle is one of the most common fundraising methods. That is of course because it works great if you offer a great prize. Some of the good prizes that you can offer have to be captivating such as a brand new TV or a new interesting kitchen gadget.

If you have the contact and you are able to make a “travel raffle” you will gain a lot of attention. You can pretty much pay the entire trip easily with a raffle. The objective is to take actions to the charity that you are helping. This would raise attention and bring possible participants to the raffle.

Since the raffle is one of the most successful ways to fundraise. I also suggest making good accommodations for the winners of such, as well as throwing away party for the winners and such, since that could draw enough attention to a next raffle in the future.

Planning a Tournament


A Tournament is also a great idea for fundraising money. To do this, just think about a sport or an activity that you think could draw the most attention possible. After that you can easily start making the arrangements for the tournament itself.

I recommend thinking about sports that could be cheaper. For instance, if you are making a Golf tournament, have in mind the price of renting a golf field. This is the same with other sports, you can think about other alternatives such as a video game tournament or a chess tournament. The possibilities are endless.

A Marathon


Organizing a five miles walk or running just to raise conscience of a certain subject is also a great idea for fundraising. It is easy to organize and it can draw the contributions that you need for your cause. This is one of the best alternatives if you want to make a quick event that doesn’t involve a lot of planning.

With these three ideas on how to make a good fundraising event, you can now start making a good change in our society and give the proper help to the ones that need the most.


6 Fundraising Events Ideas to Do at School


School can be one of the greatest experenciences of one’s life. But, when you’re a kid, a school can sometimes be boring, tedious and not very entertaining. But you can get through it by socializing, creating bonds with friends, and having fun! Here are 6 fundraising ideas to do at School.

Trivia Tournaments

There is no such thing where you can have more fun than a game! Yes, to kids,  competition in a healthy way, can be very helpful and also a fun way to learn new things.

Through trivia, you are helping the kids interact with one another by forming groups where they can develop team building processes. Besides trivia can be aimed at different age groups and other varying cultures

Yard School Sales

Sales can actually be a good thing when it comes to kids having fun. The whole idea of buying new things and selling the old ones, already gets them hyped. And there is nothing like learning new things about negotiating.

So, what you have to do is to get everybody to donate things for the sale. Then, have good cause for the sale. Like donating the money raised to a good cause, that would teach the kids the importance of helping others. And finally, promote it!

Join A Club

Socializing and making friends is very important when you’re in school. And if you’re not the best at it, there are lots of things that can help you, like joining a club.

When you join a club you are obligated to interact with people that have the same interests than you, here you can learn new things, and make friends at the same time!

Talent Shows

We all have a talent, but we have to discover it. Talent shows are always a go-to when it comes to making kids participate in fun activities. They love it. The students can dance, sing, act and show off other skills. These type of events take a lot of practice and time, therefore make sure you do it in a calculated time, so it won’t be a disaster.

Give an award to the winner,  so everyone will be excited and motivated the next year.

Participate In School-Sponsored Activities.

Most schools tend to have a variety of activities where you can pick from. Give it a try. It can be school dances, theater, and festivals. By participating you will make friends and you will be gaining a new experience at the same time.

Halloween Parties

Halloween can be the most exciting day for kids in the whole year. Why wouldn’t it be? They get to get costumes and eat candy all day! Make sure you celebrate and do something fun for that day where the kids can be entertained.

Decorate the classroom using a scary-theme, put spooky objects around the school,  and make the kids wear costumes.

You’ll need to ask for the help of other students to entertain the other kids.  Some of the things that you can do are: To paint the students’ faces in a spooky way. You can also make prepare halloween treats. They’ll love it and play Halloween games.


6 Fundraising Events You Can Do on a Tight Budget


Many people think that fundraising events need to be expensive, but with these 6 ideas, you will see that you do not need a lot of money for your donors to have a great time and to raise funds.

Candy in a jar


This is a fun way of raising money. All you need is a clear jar and candies. Try to pick candies that everybody loves like M&M’s or Jellybeans. The fun part is that people have to guess how much candy is in the jar.

You can charge for people to be able to guess or ask for a donation, have in mind that people may give less than you thought or surprise you with more than you expected. Remember to count candies before the event.

Weight Loss-a-Thon


This is a healthy and fitness choice for an event. Participants can sign up individually or in groups. The main object is to lose a certain amount of weight during the event.

People can set an amount of money for when they reach their target loss or set an amount per pound lost. You can find instructors or nutritionists to help you with the event, they will be the participants’ mentors.

Daily Indulge Drop

In this opportunity, you need to encourage people to quit something they do daily. For example, if they buy a chocolate every day, they would save the money they normally use to buy chocolate for a month and at the end donate it to your charity.

This way people can see how far money goes and also help others.

Dollars for dares


Nowadays this is a trend. Everybody heard about the “Ice Bucket Challenge” or any other dares in order to raise money for good causes. You need to establish a dare and an amount of money. When the amount is reached you need to do the dare. You can stream it or do it in a public event and raise even more money for your cause.

Flash Mob


This is a fun way to get people to donate and participate to help your cause. You need to get organized about what to do, pick a location, preferably public and get the choreographer for the mob.

To raise money, you can ask people for a fee to participate and ask them to spread the voice to keep adding donors. The more people participate, the more money you will raise, but remember it has to be a surprise.

50/50 Raffle


The spin-off in this kind of raffles is that instead of giving all the money to the winner, the money raised goes 50% to the winner and 50% to your cause.

You need to have as many people as you can. Try to do discounts for groups and have many options to pay. In each ticket write the name and phone of the donor so you can contact them without any problem.

All of these are good options to raise money for tight budget events. You can use them to drive attention to your cause and to create awareness while having fun. You can even combine some of them in your event and have more things to do. There is always a way to help others, do not quit.


The 6 Most Important Fundraiser Events in the World


Nowadays, you can find that there is a lot of people who are going through terrible situations that are out of their hands. However, there are many organizations and groups that create ways in which others can help them.

Thanks to today’s technology, it is easier to help others with whatever is in their possibilities. In fact, there are so many options and ways to do it that you can choose, from donating online to searching for events close to you where you can have an active participation in the process.

If your goal is to help others, you can participate in many social events. Here we will show you some of these events.

Oxfam’s Dressed by the Kids Day

Kids get to dress you up as foolish as they want and raise awareness on sustainable clothing and poverty.


Spent the whole month of November without shaving your mustache to raise awareness on men’s health issues.

Walk the walk

Create an outfit that includes colorfully decorated customized underwear and show it off in public in order to fund breast cancer research.

Global Citizen Festival

Use social media to spread the word on some of the world’s biggest issues and win nice goodies in the process.

Homeless World Cup

Homeless people get to participate in an activity that helps them integrate into society and show off their skills. Really heartwarming.

Starve a Vampire. Donate Blood

Donate blood and feel like a cool vampire fighter in the process.

These events raise money either to create awareness regarding health issues or to fight against poverty. They are the best option to help people around the globe.

But, if you want to help those without a voice and protect animal welfare, these are the events for you:

Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale.Show off your delicious vegan recipes and raise awareness against animal cruelty at the same time.

Great Gorilla Run

Get to save Gorillas by dressing up as one and running through a marathon. Have fun while creating awareness against animal cruelty and raise funds for causes related to these objectives.

If you prefer protecting people, animals, the environment or all together, then you will want to try to actively participate in making a change in the world. The most important thing is that you actually start doing something. And little by little, there will be a lot of results.