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Read about the multiple charities that need your help right now. Or contribute with our campaigns to promote our message of peace and solidarity

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Our staff is more than prepared to deal with any circumstances. And we also have a system of volunteers if you are willing to help the ones in need.

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You are more than invited to join our crew and helps your town. Or you can donate and contribute with us and help multiple charities.

Standard Web Design and Web Hosting

For people using Dreamweaver, Frontpage, ASP, Windows 2000 .NET and PHP. These are discounted
from our normal commerical hosting prices.

We have discounted web hosting for charity, non-profit-making organizations, Schools, Colleges and
Universities who use Dreamweaver, Frontpage, ASP, Windows 2000 .NET and PHP, these are discounted
from our normal commerical hosting prices.

Free Web Design and Free Web Hosting

We are offering UK Charities and Non-Profit-Making Organisations, Schools, Colleges and Universities
free web hosting and web design, by our Web Site Building Tool. No software needed, all you need is a
domain name.

The essence of a content managed site is that it can easily be updated at any time by someone without
any web-related skills. In other words, keeping the site relevant, useful and high up the search engine
results is a simple secretarial task.

Content management systems range from the very simple – perhaps allowing just the editing of text
– to those like Web Site Builder which give the user much greater power.
Web Site Builder users have complete control over site layout as well as content – site structure is
controlled from the site map and the navigation menu, builds automatically as pages or sections are

You can also choose from a range of alternative page layouts, adding images using a simple click and
upload dialogue.

But a unique feature of of a Web Site Builder is that you can also add complex funtionality like FAQ
systems, Product Catalogues, Shopping Carts and other user-feedback methods – again using a simple
click and select interface which requires no web-related skills either to understand or to implement.
Web Site Builder is free, plus the free web hosting, we offer you with:

• Easy online editing of website features, structure and content.
• 32 Professional Web Site Designs each with up to 8 colour varients.
• Content Management System
• Image library
• News Pages Manager
• Links Manager Page
• Picture Gallery Manager
• Contact List Manager
• Document Library Manager
• Contact Us Page
• Search Engine for your web site
• 50 Web Pages
• Listing on the web site, click to view

If you wish to try the Web Site Builder Solution before registering and have 14 Day FREE trail >

Extra Modules
Extra modules can be add; ecommerce shop cart, email newsletter manager, FAQ system manager,
Document Library Manager and Project Manager which can be added at a later date for a small fee.

Charity Content Management Solution, Charity Shop and Online Donations Tool

We now can offer a Charity CMS (Content Management Solution) with a integrated shopping cart and online donation tool. The shopping cart and online donation tool allow your charity or not-for profit organisation to take payments is built with PayPal account ready to go.

Demo CMS

Try our demo: [this will open a new window]

Username: demo
Password: demo

More CMS examples you can find here:


Front End

For live demo of the Charity Content Management Solution, click here. [this will open a new window], shopping basket has been removed, apart from that fully working site.

Charity Web Design

One simple template which can be change, via us and you are ready to add your copy, images, products to the shopping cart and online donatations.

Charity Web Hosting

Charity Content Management Solution (CMS) comes with discounted Charity Web Hosting for charities, nonprofit making organizations, Schools, Colleges and Universities.

Extra Development

The Charity Content Management Solution (CMS) has been developed by us, if you require any new features added to the solution, i.e. register page, or photo gallery, list of charties suppliers and other features. We can turn your ideas into real solutions.

Live Site

If you would like to see a live site using the Charity Content Management Solution, please take a look at Osteopetrosis Support Trust  :

For more information please call 0191 261 2252

Content Management Web Hosting
Charity Professional Content Management Solution
Charity Content Management Solution (CMS)
Charity Content Management Solution
Charity Shopping Cart System (ecommerce)
Charity Online Donations Tool
Paypal Intergrated
Domain Features

Transfer Domains Names
Sub domains
DNS Management
Domain Contact Management
Package Features

Hosting on
Mb of Web Space
Bandwidth per month
MySQL database
SSI server side includes
Cron Job
Manage unlimited number of domain names
Protected by Domaincheck Firewall
Online Control Panel
Webalizer Web Server Statistics

Email Features

Email Forwarding
POP3 Mailbox
SMTP Author
POP3 aliases
Catch-all email addresses
Email Auto Responders
Email Auto Forward
Email Auto Delete
Free Anti Virus per POP3

Email and Telephone