Contributions is an organizations that focus on covering the necessities of the families and people who live in poor conditions and gives a helping hand to charities that need attention and contributions. We also are recognized for making other actions that benefit our surroundings and society.

We count with a system of volunteers who take part in any charity project that deserves a little help. We are also known for making multiple events that can raise awareness about the many different problems and diseases of our city.

Our compromise keeps being the same. That is, of course, helping the ones in need. But we can do different actions that can also result in a positive outcome for our city. Such as cleaning our public spaces or making marathons and events that can leave a great impression and help our city.

We want to do the right thing for our surroundings and for the people who need our attention. And while we sometimes don’t count on the attention of many volunteers, we also accept the help that any citizen can give us by contributing to our organizations. That would help us for a period of time and can also help a lot of people who really need our intervention.